Vincent O'Sullivan


Then it’s Wellington we’re coming to!
It’s time, she says, it’s time surely
for us to change lanes, change tongues,

they speak so differently down here.
From 'Driving South with Lucy to the Big Blue Hills' in Seeing You Asked, Victoria University Press, 1998

Vincent O'Sullivan

Vincent O'Sullivan was noted in the 1960s for his poetry, with its subversive wit and facility for original and evocative imagery. From the 1970s he began publishing short fiction, extending his reach in the 1980s to drama for radio and theatre.

His first novel Let the River Stand won the Montana Book of the Year Award in 1994.

With his wide international experience and broad interests as an anthologist, editor and critic, he is at the forefront of articulating New Zealand's place in literature and culture, worldwide.


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