Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

Blue rain from a clear sky.
Our world a cube of sunlight –
but to the south
the violet admonition
of thunder.
From 'Blue Rain' in The Dark Lord of Savaiki: Collected Poems, Hazard Press, 2003
photo of Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

Where to find it

Go down steps to walkway over the water, between Circa Theatre and the harbour, or view it from above.
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About the author

Alistair Campbell was born in Penrhyn in the Cook Islands. His parents both died young, and from 1933 his home was a Dunedin orphanage. He arrived in Wellington in 1945 and became involved with people who shared his interest in poetry, including James K Baxter and Louis Johnson.

‘I developed a good feeling about myself,’ he has said of those times, ‘and that possibly eventually I might write some good poems.’

Campbell’s first collection announced a distinctive lyrical voice, drawing on the European traditions of his education and an intense response to the natural world. His return to the Cook Islands in 1976 led to a renewed engagement with his Pacific background and heritage; a dimension evident in The Dark Lord of Savaiki (1980).

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