Lauris Edmond

Poet, writer
It’s true you can’t live here by chance,
you have to do and be, not simply watch
or even describe. This is the city of action,
the world headquarters of the verb –
From 'The Active Voice' in Scenes from a Small City, Daphne Brasell Associates Press, 1994
photo of Lauris Edmond

Where to find it

On the wall at the harbour end of the City to Sea Bridge.
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About the author

Lauris Edmond published her first volume of poetry in 1975. In those poems and in her subsequent twelve volumes, she explored in rich yet simple language, thoughts about love and friendship, death and perceptions of death, her six children and her many grandchildren, the natural world, and her beloved home in Oriental Bay, Wellington.

‘A poem,’ Edmond once said in an interview, ‘is a confrontation with experience. It’s not an idea. It is a way of composing feelings and experiences and ideas and events that would otherwise become chaotic … and at the end of writing about something I have the measure of it for a while.’


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