Pat Lawlor

Journalist, novelist, poet, historian
And now, as I grow in years,
I feel at times like an old
violin played on by a master
hand. You, dear city, are
the maestro drawing the bow
over the sensibilities of my
mind, echoing the music
of my days.
From Old Wellington Days, Whitcombe & Tombs, 1959
photo of Pat Lawlor

Where to find it

Sheltered in an alcove under the steps leading up to the City to Sea Bridge.
  • Wheelchair accessible

About the author

Pat Lawlor’s comfortable and secure childhood was lovingly depicted in his novel The House of Templemore (1938). During his long journalistic career he worked on most of New Zealand’s leading newspapers. He published over 40 books, including Confessions of a Journalist (1935), Old Wellington Days (1959) and More Wellington Days (1962).

Lawlor took the development of a local literature as a personal mission – he was one of the first to recognise the significance of Katherine Mansfield’s work.

With thanks to The Evening Post