Patricia Grace

I love this city, the hills, the harbour, the
wind that blasts through it. I love
the life and pulse and activity, and the
warm decrepitude ... there’s always an edge
here that one must walk which is sharp
and precarious, requiring vigilance.
From Cousins, Penguin Books, 1992
photo of Patricia Grace

Where to find it

Between bridge and Kupe sculpture, next to The Boatshed; down steps, or view it from the top.
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About the author

Patricia Grace’s voice is a truly indigenous Wellington one. She was born here, and descends from the main tribes of the area – Ngati Ngāti Toa, Te Āti Awa, and Ngāti Raukawa. Grace is acknowledged as a key figure in the emergence of Māori fiction in English. Her work is noted for its versatility of style, narrative and descriptive technique, and her uncompromising portrayals of Māori consciousness and experience have won recognition from a wide international audience.

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